Voted Best Personal Story Documentary Feature at the Docufest Atlanta!

9:00 Monday, October 14th
The Mammal Gallery
91 Broad St. SW
Atlanta, Ga 30303

“Taylor’s story, though at times feels low and bleak, really gives rise to the idea that there is hope even when our lives have reached their darkest corners. Her journey reaffirms that life, even after loss, can grow into something new.” 
The Daily Free Press


(click on image)






The  film was an official selection in the LA Femme International Film Festival, held in Los Angeles (West Hollywood, actually)! Tickets are on sale here.

LA Femme International Film Festival – October 12, 10am -12 at:
Davidson/Valentini Theatre
1125 N McCadden Place
Los Angeles 90038

I had a great time at the Boston Film Festival, where the film was an official selection. It was humbling to be surrounded by so many great filmmakers.

The 28th Annual Boston Film Festival ran from 20-24 September, 2012 in the beautiful the Stuart Street Playhouse.


5 Responses to Screenings

  1. Judith L. Shoolery says:

    I am so proud of you, Shelley. And I wish I could fly to Boston for the viewing. Your new poster is wonderful. Love you.

  2. Alma says:

    Congrats Shelley!
    We want to see it in LA. Just hoping its not on the 13th (we’ll be out of town). Please send another email to Michael when you have a date for its showing. Much love, Alma

  3. Francille Rusan Wilson says:

    Hello Shelley, Ironically I will be in London and Paris when your film is screening in L.A. I hope to catch up with you soon. Francille

  4. Chris says:

    The film looks great, congratulations! You should think of putting the trailer right on the home page as well, so people do not have to click through. Best of luck.

    • FootstepsAdmin says:

      Thanks Chris! You’re right, the trailer should be on the home page. And it was/is! But it just wasn’t obvious… Thanks for pointing it out!

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